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5 Facts About Data Backup For Baton Rouge Business

Jan 25, 2016 11:01:12 AM / by AtlasOne

Dollarphotoclub_96851108.jpgJust as a car runs on fuel, a business today runs on data.  It may not be the core element driving it forward, but every business in today’s market has some need to obtain data and a responsibility to protect it.  With all of the sweeping changes that impact how businesses operate today versus even 10 years ago, the task of keeping up with the things that keep your business going can be overwhelming.  However to do all of those things and not have a data backup and recovery plan can make all of those efforts all for naught. 

Here are 5 facts about data backup for small business and why it so important to have data backup and recovery elements in place as part of your business’ technology infrastructure.

1.) 6% of all computers suffer data loss every year

2.) In 2013, Harris Interactive found that 30% of computer users have never backed up their data.

3.) Of the businesses that do backup their data, 34% never test it.

4.) In 2014 Lookout found that 113 mobile phones are lost or stolen every minute.

5.) According to FEMA and SBA, after a disaster 25-45% of businesses don’t reopen due to irretrievable data loss.

Data backup isn’t crucial to the success of your business only in the scenario where there is a data breach or compromise, but also in the event of a disaster.  Hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. can all erase every file and piece of data you’ve built your business upon.  This is why it’s so important to have data backup plan in place.  On-site servers are great, assuming they are properly managed, but even then a fire or water intrusion can wipe out everything.  Transitioning data storage and backup to an off-site location or into the cloud can be a cost-efficient and effective solution.  Also entrusting your data management to a local, experienced team of IT professionals makes a lot of sense.  AtlasOne Technologies offers on-site, off-site, cloud and hybrid data backup solutions.  

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