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Baton Rouge Business Tech Support: What is a Firewall?

Dec 10, 2015 8:56:52 AM / by AtlasOne

Dollarphotoclub_94360440.jpgIf you think about it there are a lot terms and buzzwords that get thrown around.  Most of the time if they’re used in the proper context you can figure out what they mean, or at least get a general idea of what someone is talking about.  In football you may hear, “they are in a 3-4 defense” or “they’re in nickel coverage”.  Unless you played football at some level, these terms may go over your head, but won’t take away from your enjoyment of the game.  A category that has plenty of jargon is technology.  And as technology continues to grow and play a bigger in all facets of life, especially business, understanding these terms and how to communicate with them is becoming increasingly important.  One that has been around for quite a while is “firewall”.  So let’s take a closer look at what a firewall is, what it does and why it is so important for your Baton Rouge business.

What is a firewall?

A firewall is a software program, it can also be a piece of hardware, that is intended to keep out viruses and hackers that attempt to infiltrate your computer through the internet.  A firewall controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of security parameters. 

What does a firewall do?

A firewall acts as barrier (or wall) between a trusted network (yours) and other untrusted networks (the internet, or other less trusted connection points).  The firewall controls the amount of access a network has to your resources through a positive control model.

Why are firewalls so important for businesses?

If you lock your front door, have a security system, monitor your business with cameras and/or use a safe, you are essentially using firewalls for your physical assets.  A firewall does the same thing for your digital assets and data.  When it comes to your intellectual property, client data and proprietary information, they have likely moved from a file cabinet to a server.  With the number of cyber threats increasing daily and attacks of all sizes occurring across the globe, small businesses can no longer afford to not have the protection of a firewall.

Selecting the right cyber security strategy for your business is an important step.  It also needs to be combined with a sound technology management plan with elements like data backup and cloud computing.  The role technology plays in the daily operations of businesses of all sizes will continue to expand.  AtlasOne Technologies has the experience and expertise to ensure your data and network are secure and that you are getting most out your IT for your business without a large infrastructure investment.  Click here for more information on AtlasOne’s managed IT services.

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