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Baton Rouge Tech Support: Common Wi-Fi Problems and Fixes

Dec 3, 2015 9:27:22 AM / by AtlasOne

Dollarphotoclub_75210633.jpgFew things are more frustrating than waiting for a web page to load, a file to download or having to constantly deal with network issues.  Not only does it kill your productivity, it probably also does a number on your blood pressure as you attempt to reset your modem…again.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Say goodbye to the minutes, hours and days of waiting for each light on your router to stop flashing and get back to work with these tips for common Wi-Fi and internet issues.

  • Check with your internet provider: Often times a lack of internet connectivity stems directly from the source.  Instead of relentlessly wrestling with all of the elements that should put you online, contact your internet provider.  There could be an outage in your area or some other technical issue that you can’t control.
  • Slow Wi-Fi: This can be almost as frustrating as having no internet at all. Accessing your router’s set-up screen can offer several options to help increase speed.  Once you are there, check to see if 802.11b wi-fi is enabled.  If it is, turn it off.  This is an obsolete feature that can cost your network speed.  If your office is small or you are working in a small area, try switching to a 5 GHz signal.  This will lower the range of a standard 2.4 GHz wi-fi, but will be faster and less prone to interference.   You may also want to consider relocating your router to a more central area of your office.  If it’s tucked away in a closet or under a desk in the corner, that could hamper the signal.
  • Check the splitter (if applicable): If you are sharing the coaxial for your internet with a TV or other device by way of a splitter, this could be the problem. It is not uncommon for a splitter to fail.  You can replace the splitter.  Or a better option may be to find a new location for your router and modem where it can have a dedicated access point.

These are only a few of the common problems that can give you slow, or no internet.  However, when it comes to your business, once you’re online there are several other very important things to consider.  From data backup to security, having a strong IT plan is crucial today.  AtlasOne Technologies provides all of these services and more, from off-site and on-site data storage to cloud computing, they are a true partner for your business.  Click here to learn more about AtlasOne’s managed IT services.

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