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Increasing Business Productivity With Remote Desktop Access

Oct 21, 2015 9:30:00 AM / by AtlasOne

Increasing Business Productivity With Remote Desktop AccessYou see it every day and know all of the details, locations and tricks like the back of your hand.  It is organized, designed and built exactly how you like it.  Your computer’s desktop, with neatly arranged icons, carefully thought out folders and all of the data and software you need to do your job is a powerful tool.  It only has one drawback, you have to be at your desk.  You’re probably aware of the massive amounts of files you go back and forth between.  So when work needs to be done, and you’re away from the office, there can be a real drain on productivity.  Because briefcases don’t tolerate the pool very well, and your rolling suit case won’t roll on the beach, remote access capabilities are a huge advantage. 

Using your laptop or tablet and becoming completely untethered from your desk and office is now an affordable and effective solution.  You can take your desktop anywhere you go.  Not only is this an option to improve productivity and efficiency, it is also secure.  But how does it work?

Remote Desktop Functionality

Let’s say you’re at home on your couch and you need to finish a proposal that is saved to your work desktop computer.  Logging in through your laptop, a signal will be sent to the host computer (your work computer). Through an internal authentication process, you will be allowed access to host computer.  At this point display data and keystrokes will be presented as if you were sitting at your desk. 

What kind of security measures are there?

Data and network security is key for any business.  Remote desktop functionality is no different.  Here are a list of security measures that can be in place for protection:

  •          Limit the number of users
  •          Require passwords
  •          Encrypt data
  •          Establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There are many other security steps available. 

With this new, secure technology you can bring your desk with you anywhere in the world.  No longer do you need to return to the office for a file or stay late to finish a project.  Now everything on your desk can be a click away.  To learn more about remote desktop functionality, contact AtlasOne Technologies.  This Baton Rouge area managed services firm specializes in helping businesses with their technology needs, from cloud solutions to managed services to data backup and more.

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