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Baton Rouge Outsourced IT Services: Common Cloud Security Solutions

Whenever a new technology presents itself, there is always a sense of trepidation before becomes adopted.  Do people really want to carry a phone with them everywhere they go?  Do they really need access to the internet at their fingertips?   All of these speculative questions have been met with a resounding “Yes!”  Most of us remember a time when if you needed to reach someone, you had to find a payphone, or if someone needed to reach you, they could “page” you.  Now we all carry powerful computers next to our car keys and in our purses. 

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Business Technology in Baton Rouge: What Will 2016 Bring?

That time of the year has arrived.  We look back at what 2015 provided and forecast what 2016 will have in store.  Movies, iPhones and new sports seasons all bring forth a level of optimism and excitement as the calendar prepares to turn.  When it comes to your Baton Rouge area business there is likely planning going on for the new year as well.  Goals, opportunities and more will shape your strategy.  One key element that impacts everyday life, especially from a business perspective is technology.  So while we eagerly await those New Year’s bowl games and new music from our favorite bands, let’s take a look and see what businesses can expect from technology in 2016.

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Baton Rouge Business Tech Support: What is a Firewall?

If you think about it there are a lot terms and buzzwords that get thrown around.  Most of the time if they’re used in the proper context you can figure out what they mean, or at least get a general idea of what someone is talking about.  In football you may hear, “they are in a 3-4 defense” or “they’re in nickel coverage”.  Unless you played football at some level, these terms may go over your head, but won’t take away from your enjoyment of the game.  A category that has plenty of jargon is technology.  And as technology continues to grow and play a bigger in all facets of life, especially business, understanding these terms and how to communicate with them is becoming increasingly important.  One that has been around for quite a while is “firewall”.  So let’s take a closer look at what a firewall is, what it does and why it is so important for your Baton Rouge business.

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Baton Rouge Tech Support: Common Wi-Fi Problems and Fixes

Few things are more frustrating than waiting for a web page to load, a file to download or having to constantly deal with network issues.  Not only does it kill your productivity, it probably also does a number on your blood pressure as you attempt to reset your modem…again.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Say goodbye to the minutes, hours and days of waiting for each light on your router to stop flashing and get back to work with these tips for common Wi-Fi and internet issues.

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Baton Rouge Business Data Storage: On-Premises or Cloud

Everyone has different preferences.   Coffee or tea? Coke or Pepsi?  Paper or plastic?  The choices we make about clothes, music and food are based on our own personal opinions.  Other choices we make can be a little more subjective.  LSU or Alabama?  Saints or Cowboys?  However, at the end of the day we can back up our decisions with facts, reasons and personal taste.  But what do you do when you are faced with a decision between two options you aren’t entirely familiar with?  As a business owner you make countless decisions on a daily basis.  One decision that is becoming more and more critical is the one to adopt a data storage and backup plan.  Along with this implementation comes the choice between on-premises or cloud.  So let’s look at both.

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Baton Rouge IT Support for Business: Top 4 Reasons to Outsource

It’s funny how problems change and evolve.  Things that were frustrating 10 years ago seem to be long forgotten nuisances that we wouldn’t bat an eye at today.  At the same time, the blood pressure raising, gear-grinding obstacles we experience now couldn’t even be dreamed of 15 years ago.  Remember how frustrating it would be to miss the first five minutes of your favorite show?  Now we won’t start a show on time so we can fast forward through the commercials.  Now imagine how infuriated you get when you can’t find a WIFI signal in order to access the entire world from a small rectangle you carry in your pocket?  Quite a difference in “problems” between missing the theme to Cheers and managing the data on your iPhone.  However, as we create new solutions to our current problems, newer and more complex problems arise.  This is the constant technology fueled evolution of life and business. 

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Baton Rouge Business Technology Tips: Why Won’t the Printer Work?

It’s finally done.  Countless hours spent researching, crunching numbers, weighing the pros and cons, meticulously selecting the perfect images and aligning columns, logos and text, but it’s finally finished, and not a moment too soon.  There is only one final, simple thing to do.  You maneuver your mouse to the tiny printer icon (that looks nothing like your actual printer) at the top of your screen, and with authority press your index finger down on your left mouse button.  You confidently cross your arms behind your head and lean back in your chair to soak in the victory that is this presentation.  A few seconds go by and that familiar sound of shuffling papers and whirling ink cartridges seems to be absent.  You tell your computer to print again and make your way across the office.  Nothing. So why isn’t the printer working?

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Baton Rouge IT Support: 8 Cloud Facts and Statistics

When you go car shopping one of the first things you see is the sticker.  It’s full of descriptions and statistics about the vehicle.  It’s very likely that the information listed on this paper will influence your decision.  It’s an efficient and quick resource for you to learn about the measurables of this particular car.  While this is a handy reference on the showroom floor, wouldn’t it be handy if something like this existed for your business?  Specifically when it comes to cloud technology?

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Increasing Business Productivity With Remote Desktop Access

You see it every day and know all of the details, locations and tricks like the back of your hand.  It is organized, designed and built exactly how you like it.  Your computer’s desktop, with neatly arranged icons, carefully thought out folders and all of the data and software you need to do your job is a powerful tool.  It only has one drawback, you have to be at your desk.  You’re probably aware of the massive amounts of files you go back and forth between.  So when work needs to be done, and you’re away from the office, there can be a real drain on productivity.  Because briefcases don’t tolerate the pool very well, and your rolling suit case won’t roll on the beach, remote access capabilities are a huge advantage. 

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